Our History

Financial Technology, Inc., is an established East Lansing, Michigan, Investment Management Firm that specializes in employee benefit plans and professional investment management. Currently serving over 1,500 individuals and 300 organizations, Financial Technology works with clients in industry, banking, law, education, government, and the professions.

Striving for financial freedom, more art than science, holds many prizes for the achiever. But the rules are tough. Complex federal laws and regulations create the need for specialists—experts with knowledge, experience, and integrity. Many firms offer financial products, plans, and policies. A select few go beyond products and emphasize the value of personal service and hard work. At Financial Technology, the owners themselves maintain ongoing client contact.

The approach is unique. Beyond the wide variety of strategic financial services is a philosophy that focuses on the client's best interest. Amidst overburdensome federal regulations, Financial Technology solves problems for the business owner—without creating new ones. The practitioners at Financial Technology bring together a wide range of expertise in the fields of financial planning, employee benefit plans, investments, and pension trust administration.

At Financial Technology the end product is power. Power to be harnessed through skill and artistic, strategic planning. Call on Financial Technology to help you create the Power of Financial Independence.